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Kansas City Local Links - Flight training school MKC - H10 Hangar Ten MKC - Kansas City Aviation Center OJC - Air Associates of Kansas OJC - Advanced Aviation Jet Center IXD - Kansas City Airline History Museum - home of the Save A Connie - Kansas City Aviation Institute of Maintenance - Commemorative Air Force, Heart of America Wing - Missouri Wing of the Civil Air Patrol - Airport facility directory for Kansas City Downtown Airport - Matt Thomas website, home-made flight simulators - Josh "Dabooch's" blog - One of my more enthusiastic students. 


Weather Resources - NOAA National Weather Service - CSC DUAT - DTC DUAT - Weather for all airsports - Weather & news - Flight info resource - Weather for your cell phone or PDA - Weather & Advertisement


Educational Resources for Aviation - Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association - Air Safety Foundation - AOPA - Project Pilot - Gleim Educational Products - Aviation Supplies & Academics - Chat and forum for student pilots - Flight training articles from AVweb - Sporty's study buddy - A ton of aviation topics and articles - Software and some free stuff - Resources for pilots - Knowledge test software, free for a limited time - Aviation related information


Medical Certification Info - AOPA, membership required


Flight Planning - Airport & Navigational Facility Directory - Online aeronautical charts - Information aeronautical charts with satellite, hybrid options and weather - Flight tracking - Flight planning, membership required Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association, membership required - Database of airports and navaids - Flight Planning, subscription required


Government Resources - Federal Aviation Administration, they are here to help us. - National Transportation & Safety Board -FAA Pilot Controller Glossary - FAA Aeronautical Information Manual - NASA's aviation safety reporting system


Associations - Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association - General Aviation, serving America - United States Parachute Association, for skydivers - Experimental Aircraft Association - National Air Traffic Controllers Association - U.S. Hang Gliding Association - Representing Ultralight & Light Sport Aviation in the U.S.A. - Soaring Society of America - Seaplane Pilots Association - Ballon Federation of America - Civil Air Patrol - International Aerobatics Club - Humanitarian Aviation - Humanitarian Aviation


Publications - AvStop Magazine Online - Plane and Pilot - General Aviation News - AVweb - Aviation Safety Magazine - Smithsonian Air & Space - Flying - Pilot Pointer - Landings


Aviation Safety Information - Aviation Safety Magazine - Aviation safety network - Global Operator Flight Information Resource - FAA Safety Program - FAA runway safety - FAA Notices To Airmen Index - Aviation Safety Reporting System


Shop for Pilot Supplies - Sporty's Pilot Shop - Aces Pilot Shop - Pilot Store - Avshop - My Pilot Store - Pilot Mall


Databases and Links


Fun Stuff - Nice place to fly to in Iowa All sorts of places to go and things to do in airplanes.

FAA Publications
Student Pilot Guide

Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

Airplane Flying Handbook

Aeronautical Information Manual

FAA form 8710 in PDF Format. Application for Airman Certification

Aircraft Weight & Balance Handbook

Plane Sense – General Aviation Information – Aircraft Ownership

Pilot/Controller Glossary

The Instrument Flying Handbook

All about Aeronautical Charts
Aeronautical Chart User Guide

VFR Chart Symbols

IFR Chart Symbols

Instrument Approach Procedures Symbols

Practical Test Standards - Airplane



Flight Instructor

Airline Transport

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